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Adhesives used in the manufacture of precast concrete parts are expected to provide a very good adhesion and a fast build-up of strength, while also facilitating a clean removal from the sheating elements after the concrete has dried. Jowat has developed two new assembly adhesives especially for this application that are characterised by excellent adhesion to sheating elements with rough as well as smooth surfaces, for instance plastic, wood or sheet metal. The fast build-up of strength of the PO-based hot melts facilitates a fast manufacturing process in which the concrete can already be poured into the forms a few minutes after bonding. In addition, the adhesives are resistant to vibrations and provide a flexible bondline with high strength values, which can compensate for the vibrations when the concrete is compacted with plate vibrators and keeps the formwork elements in place. A key characteristic of the PO hot melt adhesives: They can be removed relatively easy from the formwork elements when cold. This means the formworks can be reused for the casting of concrete parts and facilitates a superior appearance of the bond – a major benefit in the manufacture of exposed concrete. Jowat supplies adhesive alternatives with different open times which are designed for lower and for higher ambient temperatures respectively.

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Base Viscosity [mPas] /
Temperature [°C]
Open Time [min] /
Temperature [°C]
Softening Range
(Kofler) [°C]
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Jowatherm® 233.10 PO Hot Melt Adhesive 1500 ± 500 / 200 1,5 ± 0,5 / 190 80 ± 5 all-purpose de en fr

The products listed only represent a limited selection of the available product portfolio. Product availability might differ by region. The technical data, characteristics and field of application provided in the table outline the differences between the individual adhesives of the product portfolio. Our Application Technology Department and our Sales Representatives are on hand to provide advice and support you finding the best adhesive for your particular application.

Note: The information on this page is based on test results from our laboratories as well as on experience gained in the field, and does in no way constitute any guarantee of properties. Due to the wide range of different applications, substrates, and processing methods beyond our control, no liability may be derived from these indications nor from the information provided by our free technical advisory service. Customer trials under everyday conditions, testing for suitability at normal processing conditions, and appropriate fit-for-purpose testing are absolutely necessary. For the specifications as well as further information, please refer to the latest technical data sheets.

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Jowat introduces two new hot melt adhesives based on polyolefin (PO) which have been developed especially for the manufacture of precast concrete…

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