Application Description

Background noise has a substantial effect on the quality of a car and the driving experience for passengers. Passenger cells in modern vehicles have to provide a silent environment and therefore need to be perfectly insulated from unwanted engine and road noise.

Self-adhesive insulating materials, like acoustic heavy-duty foils or vibration absorbing panels, are used to reduce the noise seeping into the cabin. These materials are bonded directly on the painted metal in concealed places behind the door panelling, on the body floor or in the trunk. Copolymer dispersions are odourless and characterised by good heat resistance as well as low VOC values and are the adhesives of choice in this application. Alternatively, the sound deadening materials may also be bonded with special PSA hot melts with minimal odour. Due to their vibration absorbing properties, these adhesives support the effectiveness of the insulating materials.
In addition, Jowat supplies suitable adhesives for bonding the clips and retainers necessary to attach sound insulation panels in the wheel housing to absorb splashing water and road noise or under the hood for sound insulation. Powerful PUR hot melts are highly resistant to all weathering conditions and are ideal for these application.


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