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Jowat launches new product family for load-bearing glulam construction

New product family in the Jowapur® series – tested according to EN 15425:2017 Source: Jowat SE

Jowat Prepolymers were used building the BUGA Wood Pavilions 2019 ©ICD/ITKE Universität Stuttgart

The new product family in the Jowapur® series of the adhesives specialist from Detmold provides a comprehensive portfolio of certified 1-component PUR prepolymer adhesives, with different product versions for a wide range of manufacturing processes in load-bearing gluelam construction.

The adhesives in the new product family have been tested according to EN 15425:2017 and fully meet the requirements for engineered timber applications due to their composition, characteristics and processing parameters. The adhesives can be used for fingerjointing as well as for glulam, offer the choice of assembly times between 10 and 60 minutes, and facilitate an assembly time-pressing time ratio of up to 1:1 that has never been achieved before. Jowapur® prepolymers for load-bearing timber construction are characterised by their particularly high initial strength and internal hold of the bondline that increases reliability during the curing of the adhesive in fingerjointing operations. Industrial users can optimise their processes by choosing the formulation best suited for their application. A simple change of adhesive, for instance, can lead to the realisation of an increase in capacity or alternatively improve process reliability without the need for major investments.
With the new Jowapur® product family, Jowat continues to build on single-component, moisture-curing polyurethane (PUR) prepolymer adhesives that impress due to formulations that are free of formaldehyde and VOC, and which facilitate lower application amounts compared to alternative adhesive systems. The new Jowapur® series provides certified and highly efficient bonding solutions for manufacturing all kinds of load-bearing glued timber and all generally accepted application technologies for that purpose.
The product portfolio is complemented by Jowat’s own comprehensive service in all things adhesive. Since 1919, the globally active adhesives specialist from Detmold has systematically and successfully been building on an impressive product diversity, deep understanding of the industries as well as close customer contact, and is therefore celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

For more first-hand information about the products, come visit our booth focused on solid wood bonding at LIGNA in Hannover, hall 27 booth D45, from 27 to 31 May.