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Synthetic wovens are used in the manufacture of packaging units that have to withstand heavy loads. This type of material is required for instance to produce sacks and bags for the packaging of animal food, building materials, fertilisers or other bulk goods. These heavy-duty sacks have to withstand high mechanical loads, must be tear and scratch resistant and weatherproof. In addition to the superior durability properties, the low weight is an important advantage during transport, in handling and storage.
Carrier bags of wovens are popular advertising media and can be easily individualised. They create attractive packages with a lasting high value appeal. These bags are safe carrier means and can be used many times over – providing an excellent ecobalance.
With the new and innovative adhesives, packaging units of synthetic wovens are easily formed into shapes with a highly attractive design.

Carrier bags can be manufactured at low costs with Jowat-Toptherm® hot melt adhesives, which provide a reliable bond even on difficult to bond materials such as polypropylene woven without a prior surface treatment. These hot melts are characterised by a good wetting property, strong adhesive force and high aging stability.
The excellent heat stability in the melt of the Jowat-Toptherm® adhesives is another outstanding product feature, leading to reduced delays in production by minimising maintenance work. Common to all new members of the Jowat-Toptherm® product family is their very good application performance. These adhesives were developed for the use in the food sector.

Product Information


Viscosity [mPas] /
Temperature [°C]
Application Characteristics Download
data sheet (PDF)
Jowat-Toptherm® 811.00 23000 / 180 For bonding flexible plastic materials in the bag and sack industry. Hot melt adhesive with high hot tack, wide adhesion spectrum and good heat resistance. Hot melt adhesive formulated with UV marker. de en
Jowat-Toptherm® 811.30 12000 / 180 For bonding flexible plastic materials (e.g. PP, OPP, LDPE). Hot melt adhesive with wide spectrum of adhesion, and good flexibility at low temperatures. de en fr
Jowat-Toptherm® 811.60 1800 / 180 High-performance adhesive with wide range of applications, for instance bonding of polyolefin foils. Elastic adhesive film, very good adhesion to the substrates to be bonded. de en fr

The products listed only represent a limited selection of the available product portfolio. Product availability might differ by region. The technical data, characteristics and field of application provided in the table outline the differences between the individual adhesives of the product portfolio. Our Application Technology Department and our Sales Representatives are on hand to provide advice and support you finding the best adhesive for your particular application.

Note: The information on this page is based on test results from our laboratories as well as on experience gained in the field, and does in no way constitute any guarantee of properties. Due to the wide range of different applications, substrates, and processing methods beyond our control, no liability may be derived from these indications nor from the information provided by our free technical advisory service. Customer trials under everyday conditions, testing for suitability at normal processing conditions, and appropriate fit-for-purpose testing are absolutely necessary. For the specifications as well as further information, please refer to the latest technical data sheets.

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