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Changing trends in the furniture industry dictate the design of furniture fronts and determine the requirements for 3D lamination. On one day, flat fronts mainly laminated with high-gloss PVC foils are in trend and on the following day profiled fronts laminated with more classic PVC foils with a smooth or structured surface are in demand.  The technical manufacturing processes and the adhesives used have to meet the requirements in the industry and ensure a reliable bonding of the changing materials. PU dispersions have become established as reliable adhesives for the lamination of 3D furniture fronts and facilitate end products of outstanding quality.


One-component Jowapur® polyurethane dispersions with an integrated crosslinking mechanism provide a range of benefits for processors. For processors, the most significant advantage is that one-component products eliminate the risk of dosing and mixing errors. The Jowapur® product family from Jowat supplies a wide range of PU dispersions for all lamination requirements in 3D furniture manufacturing. Jowapur® 150.50/51 has been an established part of that product group. This powerful lamination adhesive has been providing impressive results in 3D laminating processes around the world since 2002 and is still in high demand.


Product Features

Jowapur® 150.50

Wide range of applications, e.g. for plastic foils made of PVC, ABS, PET as well as PE and PP.




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