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Jowat-Toptherm® 256.65 can be used for bonding folding boxes, wrap-around cases as well as for erecting trays. The high-performance adhesive is characterized by very high heat resistance and initial strength.

Jowat-Toptherm® 256.65 is therefore used with particular success by companies whose packaging is exposed to high temperatures. From packaging, e.g. in hot and warm filling processes, to transport, for instance in shipping containers which are not air conditioned. Jowat-Toptherm® 256.65 is, however, also used widely in applications with low temperatures.

The outstanding initial strength of this modern hot melt adhesive makes it the top choice for processes with extremely short pressing times and very high restoring forces.

In addition, Jowat-Toptherm® 256.65 impresses with excellent oxidation stability and colorfastness in the melt plus a broad spectrum of adhesion, also to challenging surfaces. Therefore, Jowat-Toptherm® 256.65 can be used in a wide range of applications.


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Jowat-Toptherm® 256.65

Powerful hot melt adhesive for the bonding of trays, cases and folding boxes.

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Jowat-Toptherm® 256.65 – hot melt adhesive specialist for hot filling.

Detmold, December 16, 2014. - The range of Jowat-Toptherm® hot melt adhesives…




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