Product Description

This highly resilient, durable construction and high-performance adhesive can be used especially for gluing steel rods, repair works as well as for filling gaps and cracks in wood. In addition, Jowat® 692.30 is also the product of choice for bonding materials like glass, metal, concrete, stone, sanded unplasticised PVC and sanded polyester. Steel rods glued with Jowat® 692.30 meet the minimum pull-out resistance required under the DIN EN 1995-1-1/NA for Switzerland.

Approvals and certifications for other countries require separate testing. Suited for interior as well as exterior applications.
The 2-component adhesive is available in convenient 400 ml / 580 g side-by-side cartridges as well as in larger containers (25 kg hobbocks/ 190 kg drums) for industrial dosing and mixing units.

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