Application Description

Modern adhesive products from Jowat support manufacturers and processors in the packaging industry and play an important role in ensuring highly efficient processes. For special applications, Jowat develops tailor-made adhesive solutions in close cooperation with customers. For instance, food packaging with demanding substrates, such as in the bonding process of so called toptainers, where the plastic cover is bonded to the packaging of infant formula. Jowat supplies a special adhesive for this application, with an outstanding range of adhesion and a long open time.
Special applications, such as deep freeze, chocolate, or tea packaging, and low temperature and high-end formulations – Jowatherm® products are tried and proven EVA hot melt adhesives which meet the most demanding requirements.

Strong support in processing

Jowat adhesives are also suitable for streamlining packaging process. A hot melt adhesive, for instance, is used to keep a foil in place on the walls of a cardboard box while the goods are placed inside it. Afterwards, the foil is peeled off the cardboard, folded to cover the goods, and shrunk using infrared radiation.

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Jowat supplies a range of polyolefin hot melts which have been developed especially for chocolate packaging. Adhesives from this portfolio are…

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