Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) are physically hardening systems which are characterised by a permanent tackiness. Bonds are made by applying pressure on the adhesive film – the more pressure is applied, the better is the adhesion. Pressure-sensitive adhesives are frequently used for precoating due to their permanent tack which allows a joining of the substrates before as well as after the adhesive has set. Therefore, the bonding can be carried out independently of the adhesive application in a different place and at a different time.
Pressure-sensitive adhesives from Jowat are characterised by good adhesion to different materials, and a high strength coupled with high flexibility. The modern adhesives impress with an outstanding initial strength and a very stable viscosity during processing.


Product series, properties and application

Jowatherm® PSA hot melt | Jowat-Toptherm® PSA hot melt

Basis: EVA, polyolefin and rubber
Properties: In addition to excellent initial tack, pressure-sensitive adhesives also provide a good adhesion to surfaces which are difficult to bond. They also facilitate bonds with very good shear and peeling resistances. However, these properties depend largely on the application amount and on the surfaces to be bonded. Pressure-sensitive adhesives based on rubber have a low resistance to solvents and plasticisers, and a limited heat resistance.Jowatherm® PSA can be processed with standard hot melt spray guns, nozzle applicators, roller and blade systems.