Reactive one- and two-component systems are chemically curing adhesives and are liquid or pasty at room temperature.
The Jowapur® series of Jowat provides a wide range of 1K PU prepolymers with specific processing parameters, developed to meet different requirements: short processing times for a fast and flexible production, or long assembly times for large batches and for manufacturing big parts.
The two-component Jowat® SE polymers based on silane-terminated epoxy resin have been developed especially for applications which require a bond with a high resistance to ageing, a permanent resilience, as well as an elastic bondline. In addition, adhesives from this product group are often used by our customers for joining surfaces which are difficult to bond.


Reactive 1K and 2K Systems Provide the Following Benefits:

  • easy processing
  • broad spectrum of adhesion to different materials
  • high resistance to heat and water
  • good resistance to plasticisers as well as to many solvents
  • joint-filling foaming of 1K PU prepolymers

Product Series & Properties

Jowapur® 1K PU Prepolymers

Basis: Polyurethane
Properties: One-component, moisture-curing prepolymer adhesives based on polyurethane from the Jowapur® series cure by crosslinking in a reaction with water or humidity. They are free of formaldehyde, have a lower application amount compared to other systems due to a solids content of 100 %, and are hardening within a few minutes at room temperature.
Packaging types: Drums, IBC, cartridges (pasty), bottles, canister 

Jowapur® 2K PU Prepolymers

Basis: Polyurethane
Properties: Two-component polyurethane prepolymer adhesives.
Packaging types: Drums, IBC

Jowat® 1K S Polymers

Basis: Silane-terminated polymers
Properties: One-component S polymers, also called silane-terminated polyurethanes/polyether (STP/STPE), MS polymers or hybrid polymers, are moisture-curing adhesives and sealants with a low to medium strength. A major characteristic of these products is their elastic property. Due to integrated adhesion promoters, it is usually not necessary to pretreat the substrates. The curing reaction is triggered by water or moisture, starting on the exterior and continuing towards the centre. 1-C MS polymers provide a blister-free bondline, even in joint-filling applications, and are free of isocyanates, solvents and silicones.
Packaging types: Cartridges, hobbocks, drums

Jowat® 2K Epoxy Resins

Basis: Epoxy resin and amine hardener
Properties: Two-component epoxy resins are highly resistant, durable construction adhesives. 
Packaging types: Cartridges, hobbocks, drums

Jowat® 2K SE Polymers

Basis: Silane-terminated polymers/epoxy resins
Properties: Two-component silane-epoxy resin adhesives are a unique hybrid system. They couple the benefits of elastic silane-terminated polymers (MS polymers) with the high strength of epoxy resins. Bondlines with these chemically-curing 2-C systems harden evenly without any blisters, independent of the available moisture and the layer thickness. The adhesive can be processed within the pot life, and a deviation of up to 15 % from the ideal mixing ratio does not have any negative impact on the bond properties. 2-C SE polymers are characterised by excellent adhesion to metal, plastics, wood, concrete and mineral substrates, have joint-filling properties, and are not foaming. Due to these properties, they are ideal assembly adhesives and are used in many applications. 2-C SE polymers are free of isocyanates, solvents, plasticisers and silicones.
Packaging types: Cartridges, hobbocks, drums


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