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Sustainable Packaging with Jowat Adhesives

Detmold, Germany 20 August 2021 – Sustainability will be the key issue of this year’s FachPack for the Detmold-based adhesives manufacturer Jowat. Jowat believes that a high bio-based content, optimized energy efficiency and MOAH-free formulae are the hallmarks of modern packaging adhesives.

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At FachPack in Nuremberg, which will again focus on environmentally friendly packaging, Jowat will present an eye-catching portfolio of modern, high-performance and particularly sustainable adhesives for countless applications in packaging processes.

With the high-performance, bio-based adhesive solutions in the Jowatherm® GROW range, Jowat will use the FachPack to showcase its hot melt adhesives based on pine resins. Besides its bio-based raw material content of over 30%, Jowatherm® GROW 853.20 can be processed at temperatures as low as 130 degrees Celsius, which makes it particularly resource-efficient.* Combined with its extremely low susceptibility to stringing, it prevents contamination of system parts and packaging and minimizes possible material wastage. Jowatherm® GROW 853.22 raises the bar with an even higher proportion of bio-based raw materials, which exceeds 50% for the first time. This adhesive steps up with a very broad adhesion spectrum for secure bonding, even on difficult surfaces. It is a useful partner for deep freeze environments thanks to its excellent cold flexibility.

Jowat-Toptherm® 851.99 boasts plenty of potential for energy savings of up to 45%.* In this hot melt adhesive, Jowat combines a very low processing temperature starting at 99 °C with a broad adhesion spectrum and solid universal properties. The low application temperatures make it particularly interesting for temperature-sensitive products such as frozen foods or confectionery. Besides that, it is characterized by excellent stability in the melt as well as very clean dispensing, which leads to lower maintenance requirements and up to 80% less contamination compared to alternative products.* In other words: Jowat-Toptherm® 851.99 taps into lots of potential to optimize other cases of application as well.

The Detmold-based adhesives expert is fielding Jowat-Toptherm® 256.10 as a premium all-rounder in the Jowat portfolio for tray, carton and box bonding. It comes up with a broad adhesion spectrum, very clean processing, a high setting speed as well as excellent cold and heat resistance. What’s more, the modern hot melt adhesive is MOAH-free (below the typical detection limit) and is therefore particularly recommended for packaging confectionery, cereals, pasta and other dry or fatty foods with a prolonged shelf life.

You will find Jowat at FachPack in Nuremberg from 28 to 30 September in Hall 2 Stand 2-328.


*Compared to other Jowat products for this application.